Bob Dylan's
Bob Dylan and Suze


1. Well, it's all of fair and handsome girl,

She's all in her tender years.

She fell in love with a sailor boy,

It's true she loved him well.

For to go off to sea with him

Like she did not know how,

She longed to see that seaport town

Of Canadee-i-o.


2. So she bargained with the sailor boy,

All for a piece of gold.

Straightaway then he led her

Down into the hold,

Sayin', "I'll dress you up in sailor's clothes,

Your jacket shall be blue.

You'll see that seaport town

Of Canadee-i-o.


3. Now, when the other sailors heard the news,

Well, they fell into a rage,

And with all the ship's company

They were willing to engage.

Saying, "We'll tie her hands and feet, my boys,

Overboard we'll throw her.

She'll never see that seaport town

Called Canadee-i-o.


4. Now, when the captain he heard the news,

Well, he too fell in a rage,

And with the whole ship's company

He was willing to engage,

Sayin', "She'll stay in sailor's clothes,

Her color shall be blue,

She'll see that seaport town

Call Canadee-i-o.


5. Now, when they come down to Canada

Scarcely 'bout half a year,

She's married this bold captain

Who called her his dear.

She's dressed in silks and satins now,

She cuts a gallant show,

Finest of the ladies

Down Canadee-i-o.


6. Come, all you fair and tender girls,

Wheresoever you may be,

I'd have you to follow your own true love

Whene'er he goes to sea.

For if the sailors prove false to you,

Well, the captain, he might prove true.

You'll see the honor I have gained

By the wearing of the blue.


by Bob Dylan (arr)

Copyright 1992 Special Rider Music

First release: Good as I Been to You, 1992