Bob Dylan's
Bob Dylan and Suze

Ballad For A Friend

Sad I'm sittin' on the railroad track,

Watchin' that old smokestack.

Train is a-leavin' bit it won't be back.


Years ago we hung around,

Watchin' trains roll through the town.

Now that train is a-graveyard bound.


Where we go up in that North Country,

Lakes and streams and mines so free,

I had no better friend than he.


Something happened to him that day,

I thought I heard a stranger say,

I hung my head and stole away.


A diesel truck was rollin' slow,

Pullin' down a heavy load.

It left him on a Utah road.


They carried him back to his home town,

His mother cried, his sister moaned,

Listin' to them church bells tone.


Copyright 1962; renewed 1990 MCA

Recorded by Bob Dylan on a Leed Music demo, Jan 1962