Ray Davies's
Working Man's Café cover

Berkeley Mews

Ray Davies, released on single, © Davray Music/Carlin Music Corp. 1970


The leaves of brown came falling through the view,

In Berkeley Mews, I first met you,

I staggered through your chilly dining room,

In Berkeley Mews, I first met you.


Your kitchen sink was cluttered up,

So I put the shutter up forlornly

I brewed another cuppa up

And tried to sneak out early in the morning.


I thought you had much better things to do,

In Berkeley Mews, I first met you,

Drowned my conversation with champagne,

In Berkeley Mews, was not listening.


I thought you were an intellect,

But now that I reflect, you left me reeling.

You made me drink a toast

And when you finished I was looking at the ceiling.


The floods of tears I've wept thinking of you,

Remind me of that night in Berkeley Mews.

You know that you left me broken hearted,

In Berkeley Mews.