Ray Davies's
Working Man's Café cover


Ray Davies, released on Schoolboys in Disgrace, © Davray Music Ltd. 1976


In a deep dark jungle long time ago

Lived a lonesome caveman

He was a solitary soul

And he spent his playtime

Chewing meat from bones.

He didn't know how to talk much

He only knew how to groan

Then he lifted up his hands and reached to the sky

Let out a yell and no one replied.

Frustration and torment tore him inside

Then he fell to the ground and he cried and he cried.

But then education saved the day.

He learned to speak and communicate

Education saved the day.

He thanked God for the friends he made.

'Cos everybody needs an education

Everybody needs an education.

Black skin, red skin, yellow or white,

Everybody needs to read and write

Everybody needs an education.


Thank the day when that primitive man

Learned to talk with his brothers

And live off the land.

He left his cave and he moved far away

And he lived with his friends in a house that they'd made

He learned to think and to work with his brain

And he astounded his friends with all the knowledge he gained


He wrote it down on a rock that he found

And he showed all his friends and they passed it around

And then education came that day.

The day it came was a sacred day.

Education came that day

He thanked God for the friends he'd made.


Well man built a boat and he learned how to sail

And he travelled far and wide

Then he looked up above saw the stars in the sky

So he learned how to fly.

Thanks to all the mathematicians

And the inventors with their high I.Q.s

And the professors in their colleges

Trying to feed me knowledge

That I know I'll never use.

Thank you sir for the millions of words

That you've handed me down and you've told me to learn


But I've got words in my ears and my eyes

I've got so many facts that I must memorize

Because education's doing me in

I want to stop but my head's in a swim

Education drives me insane

I can't recall all the facts on my brain.

Education came that day

The day it came was a sacred day

Education saved the day

He thanked God for all the friends he made.


Teacher, teach me how to read and write,

You can teach me about biology,

But you can't tell me what I am living for

'Cos that's still a mystery.

Teacher, teach me about nuclear physics

And teach me about the structure of man,

But all your endless calculations

Can't tell me why I am.

No you can't tell me why I am,

No you can't tell me why I am.


Everybody needs education,

Open Universities, education.

Every race every creed, education.

And every little half-breed, education.

Every nationality, education.

All the little people need education.

Eskimos and pygmies need

And even aborigines, education.


Well physics and geography, education.

Philosophy and history, education.

Science and biology, education,

Geometry and poetry, education.

Well, education, education, education, education