Ray Davies's
Working Man's Café cover

Money Talks

Ray Davies, released on Preservation: Act 2, © Davray Music Ltd. 1974


[Scene: In Flash's den, a night club partly converted into an office. Sung by Flash, Floosies and Spivs:]


Show me a man who says he can live without bread

And I'll show you a man who's a liar and in debt.

There's no one alive who can't be purchased or enticed

There's no man alive who wouldn't sell for a price,

Money talks and we're the living proof,

There ain't no limit to what money can do

Money talks, money talks.


Money can't breathe and money can't see,

But when I pull out a fiver people listen to me.

Money can't run and money can't walk,

But when I write out a cheque I swear to God I hear money talk.

Money talks and, baby, when you've been bought

You pay attention everytime money talks.

Money talks, money talks.


Money talks and there's no doubt about it

Money talks and we can't live without it,

What's the point of living unless you've got money?

I just couldn't function without money.

Money talks, money talks,

Money talks, money talks.


Show me an upright respected man

And I'll have him licking my boots when I put money in his hand.

It rots your heart, it gets to your soul,

Before you know where you are you're a slave to the green gold.

Money talks and we're the living proof

There ain't no limit to what money can do.

Money talks you out of your self-respect,

The more you crave it the cheaper you get.

Money talks, money talks.


Money buys you time and people listen,

Money can buy a smile and make life worth living.

If you're ugly money can improve you.

I just couldn't face the world without mazuma.

Money talks, money talks.