Ray Davies's
Working Man's Café cover

All Lines

He just lived to eat 'cause it kept him fat,
He just sits in the gloom of his dimly-lit room
He just spends his life in a rock 'n' roll fantasy (2)
He just spends his life living in a rock 'n' roll fantasy (2) (3)
He just spends his life living on the edge of reality (2)
He knows no shame
He laughs a lot, not like you
He learned to speak and communicate
He learned to think and to work with his brain
He left and turned his back on the dole
He left his cave and he moved far away
He likes plastic cups and saucers 'cause they never break,
He likes school girls, nuns and virgins.
He looked at me with his evil eye and prophesied
He looks like a princess (2)
He looks real burly but he's really hip
He loved with his heart,
He moves like he's in a trance,
He must have been the one who always knew.
He must have wondered where we all came from.
He never will forget at all
He only knew how to groan
He plays Hound Dog, Oh Boy, and Great Balls of Fire
He plays records day and night
He reads the dots and plays each line,
He said "Will you pass it on for me?"
He said a Black Messiah is gonna set the world on fire
He said I think you better do something quick
He said it's one of the cases of acute schizophrenia he sees.
He said the Black Messiah's gonna come and set the whole world free
He said there's a little gas going but I'd have to wait
He said, "Hey, are you gay?"
He says 'I hate the tune, I hate the words but I'll tell you what I'll do
He says 'I hate your music and you hair is too long
He sees all his children coming back home
He shakes his head, pulls down the blind.
He shouldn't be hidden, he should be seen
He sits in the armchair, watching channel 4,
He spent it all on girls and fancy jewelry.
He start's writing a letter,
He started at the bottom and he worked his way up
He talks like a Cockney but it's all bologna,
He thanked God for all the friends he made.
He thanked God for the friends he'd made.
He thanked God for the friends he made.
He thinks back to all the mistakes that he made
He thinks he's a stud,
He thinks he is a flower to be looked at,
He took to the bottle and drunk himself down,
He tried to be gay, but it didn't pay,
He tried to tell the people, but the people wouldn't hear
He tries to feed his wife and his family
He tucks me in, touches my feet
He turns his stereo way up high
He used to be a winner who enjoyed a life of prominence and position,
He uses you just like a human punching bag.
He walks like his feet are on back to front,
He was a second-hand car spiv up from the slums,
He was a solitary soul
He was drivin' the car, the kids were drivin' him mad.
He was just a workin' man,
He was young and he had so much ambition
He went and bought the weekly classified (2) (3)
He went and bought this house when he made good.
He went and spent all the money that he had.
He went bizerk and jacked the whole world in
He will drag you down and he will make you cry,
He will drag you down and he will make you cry.
He will rise now his plan is complete.
He will smile at you, be a friend to you, (2)
He will smile at you, be so sweet to you.
He worked with his hands.
He would still turn round and smile,
He wrote it down on a rock that he found
Head blown up by some soldier's gun
Head office thinks I'm dead,
Head to my feet (yeah)
Heading for a collision with Saturn and Mars
Headlights in the distance too bright for my eyes
Headmaster don't beat me I beg you,
Headmaster I am at your mercy,
Headmaster please give me one chance,
Headmaster please spare me I beg you,
Headmaster, this is my confession,
Headmaster, this is my confession.
Health fanatics in their attics training for the Empire Games,
Hear it calling me, (come on home)
Hear me brothers, hear me sisters,
Hear that lonesome train
Hear them, hear them, hear them
Hear what's going on
Heavy storm clouds comin',
Hell take Fu Manchu, Moriarty and Dracula
Hello long distance, calling long distance
Hello me, hello you, you say you want out
Hello my Celt and Gaelic ladies.
Hello you, hello me, hello people we used to be
Hello, who's that speaking, please?
Hello. What's your name?
Help me now I'm calling you (2) (3)
Help me through it
Help me, help me, help me sail away,
Her daughters go out, now it's her turn to wait.
Her lawyers made her filthy rich,
Her Majesty's Government have sent me a form I must complete it today.
Her women's weekly magazines just to be free again
Here's a message for the little guy, don't let this situation pass you by
Here's a song for all the little men, who get forgotten
Here's for all the working people
Here's hoping all the days ahead
Here's to paranoia
Here's wishing you the bluest sky, (2)
Here come the people in grey they're gonna take me away to Lord knows where,
Here come the people in grey, (2)
Here comes a new dawn, here comes a new day (2) (3) (4)
Here comes a new dawn, here comes a new day, (2)
Here comes a new day, here comes a new stage,
Here comes another full moon.
Here comes Flash. (2) (3) (4) (5)
Here comes yet another day, creeping through my window.
Here I am in a foreign land
Here I am, here I am (2) (3) (4)
Here I am, here I am here I am in a foreign land
Here I am, here I am, here I am in a foreign land (2)
Here is a story about a sinner,
Here is hope for all the people
Here is your reward for working so hard
Here it goes again
Here we go round again. (2) (3)
Hey baby, if you come back home it'll be a good day today.
Hey buddy, you know you got a slow heartbeat
Hey Diana, I've really got to learn to take a tip from you,
Hey fever, I must look like a clown
Hey fever, you tore my image down
Hey girl let's begin again and try to help ourselves
Hey girl we've got to get out of this place
Hey hey, here it goes
Hey man, call the D.A., call the National Guard, call the president
Hey man, call the Government
Hey man, I am the innocent party here
Hey man, I see you now.
Hey Mom, there goes a piece of the president's brain!
Hey, girl
Hey, hey let's run away (2)
Hey, hey, hey...
Hey, I never met a girl like you before. (2)
Hey, I never met a girl that I could miss.
Hey, little girl (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
Hey, little girl, (2) (3) (4) (5)
Hey, little girl. (2) (3)
Hey, Mitsubishi and Toyota, who said that the war was over?
Hey, my friend
Hey, that's my car
Hey, who's that groovy looking dude
Hi-ya handsome, have a good day
Hide your daughters, hide your wives. (2) (3) (4)
Hiding away
Hiding beneath a respectable guise
Hiding from the weather.
High powered machine,
him spinning yarns and telling tales from yesteryear
His clothes are loud, but never square.
His girl ran off along with his best friend,
His life just slips away. (2)
His mother is so proud of him.
His name's Norman. That sounds ordinary enough. I would like you to join in a unique experiment with me. I am going to take Norman's place for a few days. I 'm going to research his ordinary dull little existence.
His skin is soft but his mind is hard,
His wife is in the kitchen, fixin' her old man's tea
His wife says he's gone 'round the twist
His world is built 'round discoteques and parties.
Hit a wall, took a fall
Hitler tried and Mussolini too
Holes in my shoes I got holes in my socks,
Holes in my socks and I can't find my shoes.
Holiday, (2)
Homosexuality. (2) (3)
Honour's dead and buried
Hope she'll do no wrong (2)
Hope you get there this time
Hopin' they will open their eyes.
Hoping all the verses rhyme, (2)
Hoping and dreaming you were here,
Hoping that someone will be wanting to know, (2)
Hot jacuzzi in Taiwan (2)
Hot potatoes, (2) (3) (4)
Hot potatoes, Hot potatoes, yeh.
Hot potatoes, yeh, (2)
House in the country (2) (3) (4)
How's Aunty Mabel (nothing to say)
How's it feel? (yeah) (2)
How's the family? How's that beautiful wife?
How's your brand, new limousine,
How's your father, how's your mother?
How's your sister, how's your brother?
How are the nights are they still lonely?
How are the nights? Are they still lonely? (2)
How are those noisy neighbors next door
How are you today? (2) (3) (4)
How are you? (2) (3)
How are you? How are you? (2)
How are your chillblains (nothing to say)
How can I dance when I can hardly breathe
How can I drive you when I got no juice?
How can I find security?
How can I get close? (2)
How can I pose when my nose is all red
How can I show you,
How could we know what it was like inside a killer's mind
How did she know that?
How do I behave
How do I get attention,
How do I get close to you? (2) (3)
How I love to hear the demolition sound
How I still love you so (2)
How is it going?
How is your Independence (nothing to say)
How is your life and your Shangri-la
How is your life insurance (nothing to say)
How is your life? (2) (3)
How is your life? How is it going? (2)
How is your rheumatism (nothing to say)
How is your trade union (nothing to say)
How long you gonna sit and wait
How much can a poor man take?
How the days go by
How the little guy gets kicked around
How time slips away (2)
How was I conceived
How well I remember my very first love affair.
How were we to know what was going on inside your mind.
How, how are you? How are you? (2) (3)
Hubby's gone away,
Huff and puff 'till I blow this world away,
Hundreds of fields
Hush little baby don't you cry
Hush little mammy don't you cry

- I -

I'd be a soldier,
I'd been overwhelmed by all the culture
I'd call her if I could remember her name.
I'd go out for a walk but I know it would be
I'd have more chance of reaching you but I'm,
I'd jump out the window but I can't face the drop
I'd like to fly but I can't even swim
I'd like to know the rules on which this game of life is based.
I'd like to meet the girl who's always talking
I'd live in hell to be with you, what more can I do?
I'd rather be a hobo walking round with nothing
I'd rather be an out of work bum.
I'd really like to change the world
I'd really make sure the next one would be mine.
I'd take her home, but that could never be,
I'd tell my army,
I'd tell you that I love you, but you don't hear what I way.
I'll arrange the mortgage
I'll be all the rage with my permanent waves
I'll be all the rage, my permanent waves
I'll be around (2)
I'll be caught in the crush
I'll be cool, I'll be smooth, I'll be laughing
I'll be fighting with my brief case
I'll be in touch, don't worry, I'll be calling you.
I'll be pushed and be shoved,
I'll be rushing up the stairs
I'll be the one who's (2)
I'll be there (I'll be there)
I'll be your Casanova whipping by
I'll be your Tarzan, you'll be my Jane
I'll be your tragic clown
I'll break down and you'll hear me cry. (2) (3)
I'll call you when I've found it
I'll do anything just to get a harry rag
I'll drag the dirt all over town about you
I'll even come to your home if you're ever alone.
I'll find you girl and come back home to you
I'll go cold turkey till I'm clean
I'll go down to
I'll go to jail but you get the morphine
I'll have some clam chowder, followed by beef steak on rye
I'll have to go soon 'cos I'm getting bored
I'll have two eggs, over light, home made apple pie
I'll have you all know (2)
I'll have you all know, I was once a toff
I'll jump through hoops
I'll just get old before my time
I'll just have to wait and see
I'll keep you warm and you'll keep me sane
I'll leave the sun behind me and watch the clouds as they sadly pass me by
I'll live the life I've got (2)
I'll mix with his friends and relations,
I'll never be the same,
I'll never forget you, truly
I'll only have one remedy
I'll play all the panel games and watch all the quiz shows,
I'll put him in a stage suit
I'll remember best of all, (2) (3)
I'll remember every laugh you made.
I'll remember every word you said to me.
I'll remember everything we did.
I'll remember everything you said to me. (2) (3) (4) (5)
I'll remould and reshape him.
I'll say I don't want it, don't want it
I'll sign you up and take it round the street and see if it makes the grade'
I'll sing a song about some people you might know
I'll sit and look at all the soap operas with her
I'll spill the beans, you'll see I've got a mouth, too
I'll still be hanging in there but you're still a misery
I'll swing on a trapeze
I'll take afternoon tea (afternoon tea) (2)
I'll take Rembrandt, Titian, Da Vinci and Gainsborough,
I'll take the nightly shadows.
I'll take you where real animals are playing
I'll teach him how to act,
I'll tell that tale for you
I'll tell you a story to pass on to the end,
I'll tell you once more (2)
I'll tell you why, because nobody gives a damn. (2)
I'll turn my back and walk away, but oh...
I'll work out a five-year plan
I'm a cut price person in a low budget land (2) (3)
I'm a drifter who has lost his way (2)
I'm a King Kong man, I'm a voo-doo man (2) (3)
I'm a Maximum Consumption, (2)
I'm a Maximum Consumption, super-grade performer.
I'm a middle class sort of a guy
I'm a million miles away from it all (2)
I'm a night hawker. (2)
I'm a night stalker. (2) (3)
I'm a paranoid schizoid product of the twentieth century.
I'm a prisoner but I got no cage
I'm a real hungry tyke,
I'm a sinner waiting at the traveler's rest
I'm a sleepwalker. (2) (3)
I'm a star maker (gonna make you a star)
I'm a starmaker (gonna make you a star),
I'm a street walker. (2)
I'm a twentieth century man but I don't wanna be here. (2) (3)
I'm a twentieth century man but I don't wanna die here.
I'm a twentieth century man but I don't want to die here.
I'm a well bred upper class sort of chap,
I'm a yo-yo (yo-yo).
I'm a yo-yo. (2)
I'm about to descend
I'm acquiring a taste for brown ale and cod roes)
I'm alive and it can't be bad,
I'm all wound up with aggravation.
I'm always around if you wanna meet.
I'm an ape man (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
I'm an ape man I'm a King Kong man I'm ape ape man
I'm an ape man, I'm an ape ape man (2) (3)
I'm an ape man, I'm an ape ape man, I'm an ape man (2)
I'm an ape man.
I'm an ape, I'm an ape ape man, I'm an ape man
I'm an art lover. (2)
I'm away, far away, far away in a foreign land
I'm away, I'm away in a foreign land
I'm away, I'm away, far away in a foreign land
I'm better by myself
I'm bound for a life on the road.
I'm breathing through my mouth so I don't have to sniff the air,
I'm deep in debt and now it's much too late.
I'm down but I'm still happy but
I'm dropping my standards so that I can buy more
I'm drowning my sorrows in whisky and gin
I'm glad I left them far behind
I'm going home (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
I'm going to build a new civilisation.
I'm going to take my final bow
I'm going to use a little manipulation.
I'm gonna brush my boots and comb my hair
I'm gonna carry her memory 'til the day I die.
I'm gonna do tomorrow
I'm gonna feel like a mole in the ground
I'm gonna fight me a one man revolution, someway, (2)
I'm gonna fill my gap and comb my hair
I'm gonna fly (2) (3)
I'm gonna fly by (2)
I'm gonna join this band, leave college behind.
I'm gonna live in a tent, we're gonna pay no more rent we're gonna pay no more rates,
I'm gonna miss her bloodshot alcoholic eyes,
I'm gonna pass me a brand new resolution, (2)
I'm gonna see my baby
I'm gonna take what the future brings
I'm immortalising his life
I'm in a space leased by kind permission of the human race
I'm in a state (state) (2) (3)
I'm in disgrace,
I'm in disgrace. (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)
I'm in disgrace. He's in disgrace. (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
I'm in disgrace. She's in disgrace.
I'm in love (2) (3) (4)
I'm in no mood to argue and I'm in no mood to fight
I'm in your hands, it's up to you (2) (3)
I'm just a cut price person in a low budget land
I'm just a number (2)
I'm just a number waiting to be called.
I'm just a simple working man
I'm just an English boy who won a holiday in Waikiki. (2) (3) (4)
I'm just another face,
I'm just another tourist checking out the slums (2)
I'm just part of the machinery.
I'm just part of the scenery,
I'm just wondering who I could be (2)
I'm King Kong and I'm ten feet long, (2)
I'm King Kong, and I'm big and strong,
I'm King Kong, got a hydrogen bomb, (2)
I'm King Kong, I got so much money,
I'm leaving home, I'm out on the road.
I'm leaving insecurity behind me,
I'm locked up but I got no chain
I'm looking at the world go by.
I'm losing all my bitterness
I'm losing my job and my reputation.
I'm lost on the river, the river of no return,
I'm making observations, and character simulations.
I'm moving in a new direction.
I'm much too terrified to go out at night but the television's boring.
I'm not a born again preacher
I'm not a dirty old man,
I'm not a flasher in a rain coat,
I'm not bitter or angry
I'm not cheap, you understand
I'm not content to be with you in the daytime
I'm not difficult to please.
I'm not gonna snatch you from your mother,
I'm not like everybody else (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18)
I'm not like everybody else, (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
I'm not like everybody else. (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
I'm not rich but I get by
I'm not the impetuous fool you used to know
I'm not waiting all night long
I'm oh so happy, so glad to be alive
I'm on a low budget (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13)
I'm on a low budget)
I'm on a party line, (2)
I'm on a party line. (2)
I'm on an island (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
I'm one of the survivors.
I'm only feeling sympathy
I'm only me,
I'm only sitting here watching it all go on
I'm ready to start paying my dues,
I'm ready when you are, punk.
I'm running round sniffin' like a hound
I'm scattered here and scattered there
I'm shopping at Woolworth and low discount stores
I'm sick and tired of being alone
I'm sitting by the side of a river
I'm sitting in a cage with an eye on the clock.
I'm sitting in my office
I'm sitting twiddling my thumbs cos I got nothing to do,
I'm so afraid,
I'm so easy to drive, and I'm an excellent ride,
I'm so glad they sent me away, (2)
I'm so glad we made it
I'm so tired (2) (3) (4)
I'm sorry, but you've sealed your own fate
I'm still a sad creature of little faith
I'm studying every movement, I'm trying to learn the part,
I'm such a wreck but I'm staying alive
I'm surviving to be a better man (2)
I'm surviving with an emotional plan
I'm surviving, so please understand
I'm surviving, surviving (2) (3)
I'm surviving, that's all I am
I'm surviving, that's my plan (2)
I'm talking about phobia
I'm tearing up the bunch of angry letters that you sent (2)
I'm telling you because you're asking me
I'm the image maker, (2)
I'm the imaginary man (2) (3)
I'm the imaginary man, imaginary man
I'm the interior decorator.
I'm the kid with the greasy spoon
I'm the last of the blood and sweat brigade,
I'm the last of the good old fashioned steam-powered trains. (2) (3) (4) (5)
I'm the last of the good old renegades.
I'm the last of the soot and scum brigade,
I'm the magic maker, (2)
I'm the mirror to your mood
I'm thinkin'
I'm thinking of the days, (2) (3)
I'm thinking of the time,
I'm too ill-equipped for a mathematician
I'm too terrified to walk out of my own front door,
I'm too weak, I'm so thin
I'm up and down, (2)
I'm waiting for my fate
I'm wasting my vocation teaching you to write neat
I'm your brother. (2) (3)
I've been a star and down and out,
I've been alone to contemplate
I've been around the dial so many times,
I've been half a million places,
I've been invited to a dinner with a prominent queen
I've been put on, sat on, punched and spat on,
I've been sacrificed in the name of the company,
I've been searchin' for you on my radio.
I've been searching a long, long time,
I've been such a little fool. (2) (3)
I've been such a naughty boy.
I've been to my local head shrinker,
I've been trying to get a message to you,
I've been victimized for the sake of economy.
I've been waiting for years to buy a brand new cadillac
I've been with those naughty little girls again,
I've broken all the rules,
I've committed a crime.
I've discovered that,
I've dishonored one who trusted me, (2)
I've done a lot of right,
I've got a bank loan and I've opened up my very own
I've got a bootleg version of Citizen Kane
I've got a contract in my hand.
I've got a girl and she is mine,
I've got a girl who's oh, so fine,
I've got a girl who's oh, so good, (2) (3)
I've got a simulated sunshine
I've got acute schizophrenia paranoia too,
I've got an imitation dawn,
I've got it, you've got it, we can't lose, (2)
I've got my pride,
I've got no home,
I've got no money (2)
I've got no money,
I've got no need to worry, I'm in no hurry
I've got no plans, I'm not sure where I'm going to.
I've got plenty of time. (2)
I've got so many facts that I must memorize
I've got some downers some speed all the drugs that you need
I've got Technicolour, black and white
I've got that feeling, it's her, oh yeah (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
I've got that feeling, it's her, oh yeah-ah-ah. (2)
I've got that feeling, it's her, oh yeah. (2) (3)
I've got to be free before it's too late
I've got to be proud and stand up straight
I've got to get away from those ducks.
I've got to lose those early-morning can't-stop-yawning,
I've got to lose those early-morning-can't-stop-yawning,
I've got to make a profit,
I've got to realise l'm just an ordinary man.
I've got to satisfy my greed,
I've got to see what it's like on the world outside
I've got to start facing it,
I've got to stop acting like a clown.
I've got to stop faking it,
I've gotta go now. (2)
I've gotta go.
I've gotta start facing up to what I really am.
I've had enough of this, old son
I've had enough, I've had enough of all this aggravation.
I've just come back from fantasy,
I've just come in at Number 25
I've just got to be free (2) (3)
I've just had a dream that I never will forget.
I've known this joy once before
I've learned a lot out of life, watchin' other folks mistakes
I've learned to appreciate you
I've let down the school,
I've let down the side,
I've met this person in a disco (2)
I've never had it so bad
I've nothing to gain
I've opened up my body and looked inside
I've seen half a million people who stare,
I've taken everything I need,
I've taped them off the telly so you shouldn't complain
I've watched the stars and wondered why
I ache inside until I think, I know it's just my pride
I acted so slyly because you were acting so shy,
I ain't got a dime but she don't care,
I always knew that they'd get me somehow sooner or later,
I always managed to... and by the way
I always used to see him there
I always wanna be by your side (2)
I am a creator,
I am a dull and simple lad
I am a product of mass produced factory fodder,
I am alive this is real (2)
I am an ape man (2)
I am in paradise (2)
I am surviving, I got hope inside of me
I am your man (2)
I am your man,
I am your soul.
I am, I am imaginary (2) (3) (4)
I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said Lola
I asked her where she came from and she said to me,
I bailed you out when you were down on your knees (2) (3)
I believe (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
I believe ev'ry word you say
I believe I wanna pray but don't know what to (2)
I believe I wanna pray but don't know what to.
I believe that everybody's a celebrity,
I believe that you and me last forever (2)
I believe there's someone out there making the great escape
I bet go, I gotta thousand little things I better do
I bet they're riding around and running red lights
I bet you're fat and married and you're always home in bed by half-past eight.
I bet you danced a good one in your time.
I bet you told a good tale in your day
I bet you wouldn't believe it
I better do it again.
I bless the light that lights on you believe me.
I bless the light that shines on you believe me.
I bless the light, (2)
I break my back and sweat and slave
I brewed another cuppa up
I built an empire because I used my brains.
I built up my business with a quick wit and fist,
I call friends and see if any remain.
I call it suffering and pain, but they call it entertainment
I call your office and your secretary tells me
I came to feed you
I can't afford the gas to fill my luxury limousine
I can't believe it's happening
I can't believe that my time has come
I can't believe that you've been taken off the air.
I can't believe what I just read
I can't break out through the automatic door,
I can't easily come down
I can't easily retire
I can't get a job, Bernadette,
I can't go out and it's making me sad
I can't go to work cos I can't get a job,
I can't help thinking that
I can't make decisions, I don't know which way I'm gonna turn,
I can't make love when I can't hardly breathe
I can't make love when my head feels like lead
I can't put myself in such a weak position
I can't quite explain, I can't feel any pain
I can't recall all the facts on my brain.
I can't say where I'm headed, 'cause I just don't know.
I can't speak without an interception.
I can't stay cool 'cos I'm starting to sneeze
I can't think of a place I'd rather be.
I can't trust nobody, but I'm much too scared to be on my own
I can't understand why everybody's quarreling,
I can't understand why she just ran away.
I can't wait around so make your decision.
I can blow up your houses so you better beware. (2) (3)
I can buy anybody who gets in my path.
I can close my eyes. (2)
I can fly, fly you away (2) (3)
I can get through the night, (2)
I can guide you through those empty days
I can help you through that lonely night
I can hold you in my arms every time that you weep
I can make or break you.
I can pick you up, it can bring you down.
I can remember the little things that always made you smile
I can score you some coke and some grade one grass
I can see it in the eyes of all the lonely wives
I can take any man
I can tell by the way you act
I can turn the most ordinary man in the world into a star. (2)
I can visualise the day (2)
I close my eyes and give in, the room goes in a spin
I close my eyes and lay back and I think of England.
I come from New York City,
I confess for the muggers and incurably insane.
I confess for the thieves,
I confess my cruelty, my ego and conceit.
I confess to the timid and the meek
I confess to the ugly for being vain,
I confess to those I hurt for causing them pain.
I could be a king or a football star
I could be almost anything
I could do anything or go anywhere
I could just as easily go tell a lie, couldn't I, yeah
I could just as easily go tell a lie, couldn't I?
I could say there will be laughter, you will never cry (2)
I could see a way out of here
I could stand outside (2)
I could stand outside, the kids hung round
I couldn't tell if she was black or white,
I couldn't understand your attitude.
I count every penny and I watch where it goes
I cried out "Can you help?", it replied "Not at all"
I dance and swing while ABBA sing
I did my knees bend press ups touch my toes
I didn't mean to follow you,
I didn't realize it was commercialized when I unpacked my cases,
I didn't really mean to ruin your day.
I didn't think she'd even look at me
I didn't want to work on the factory floor,
I disbelieved it at first sight,
I do sales, rentals, even a swop
I don't believe that God is a man with white hair
I don't care if the sun don't shine (2) (3)
I don't care much about this and that
I don't feel safe in this world no more (2)
I don't fit in but I don't stand out,
I don't have to see you,
I don't know how but I'm gonna try (2)
I don't know if it's day or night,
I don't know whether I'm coming or I'm going,
I don't know whether I'm coming or I'm going.
I don't know why, don't know why (2)
I don't know, I feel free and I won't let go
I don't know, I wish I knew
I don't mind (2)
I don't need money 'cause I got
I don't need no luxuries,
I don't need no one (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
I don't need no sedatives to pull me round,
I don't need no sleeping pills to help me sleep sound,
I don't need no sympathy
I don't need nobody else. (2)
I don't really want to give it to you
I don't wanna get left behind (2)
I don't wanna leave with you payin' all my debts,
I don't wanna leave, Bernadette,
I don't want it, don't want it
I don't want no one, (2)
I don't want to be a big star.
I don't want to be a constructor of highways
I don't want to be a producer,
I don't want to be like a fascist dictator
I don't want to die in a nuclear war (2)
I don't want to leave Bernadette,
I don't want to leave with you paying all my debts,
I don't want to leave you
I don't want to lie to myself any more.
I don't want to live a lie in an artificial world.
I don't where I'm going, I don't want to see
I dream about that green and pleasant land we knew as England.
I dream I could fight like David Watts
I explained to the crowed and they started to jeer,
I feel all right (2) (3)
I feel I've known you all my life
I feel it in my bones, it gets closer each day.
I feel it.
I feel like an Innocent victim,
I feel like crying, I'm in a rage.
I feel okay (2) (3)
I feel older, I feel fatter
I feel so afraid, and even my friends don't know what to say,
I feel so lonesome I could cry
I feel that I just can't win.
I feel the blues coming on
I feel the world below me looking up at me
I fell to the floor
I felt such a feeling of pride,
I first met Julie a long time ago,
I follow her around for hours and hours.
I found out I was wrong, she just kept on lying
I found out I was wrong, she was just two timing
I found something I thought I'd never had
I gave you my love
I get it driving in my motor car
I get it regular every day
I get it riding on the subway
I get it when I'm drinking in a bar
I get no kicks walking down Saville Row
I get this feeling I'll be still wandering 'round
I go to Blackpool for my holidays,
I got a big fat mama trying to break me. (2)
I got a letter this morning with serious news that's gone and ruined my day,
I got a TV set. (2)
I got acute schizophrenia paranoia too,
I got down on my knees
I got everything.
I got hay fever, blocking up my head
I got hay fever, you wicked allergy,
I got my feet on the ground, and I'm standing on my own
I got my feet upon the ground, and I'm standing on my own (2)
I got nothin' in the cupboard,
I got nothing to gain, I got nothing to lose,
I got, hay fever blocking up my brain
I gotta be dreaming, is it a fantasy
I gotta be dreaming, is it reality
I gotta be home early to see a good play
I gotta get back at those people in grey,
I gotta get my daily fill of aggravation.
I gotta get out before the hold is too strong
I gotta get the first plane home (2) (3) (4) (5)
I gotta go now, gotta go now (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
I gotta hatred for you that is never gonna die
I gotta learn to keep a hold of my head and keep my feet on the ground
I gotta mean appetite,
I gotta move on down my baby's home (2)
I gotta move, gotta move (2)
I gotta pull my things together,
I gotta stay fit, stay alive, eat food to sustain a non-stop high-grade performer.
I gotta stay fit, stay alive, need fuel inside, eat food to survive
I gotta violent streak caused by
I gotta wing wing fly high over the see
I gotta wing, wing (2)
I gotta wings
I grabbed all my cash
I grovel on the floor, I think "Yeah I think I can make her"
I guess I'll never see her again
I guess she's reached that difficult age.
I guess that's the difference between now and then.
I had a big house, a big car,
I had a break for a week
I had a cigarette and a cup of tea
I had a momentary loss of sight
I had another sneeze and I blew my nose