Ray Davies's
Working Man's Café cover

All Lines

The highway's blocked, is this my end
The Hollywood Argyles, Danny & The Juniors,
The hours tick away.
the house was shaking to the sound
The ice is gonna melt, the water gonna rise
The Idiot Dunce, the Idiot Dunce. (2) (3)
The invader's arrived now here comes the war
The joint was jumping every night
The kids hung round
The King is dead, rock is done
The last waltz came and we held each other so tight.
The leases all went up
The leaves of brown came falling through the view,
The lights are red, it's all too late.
The lights went dim as I looked round the floor
The lion tamer's whip doesn't crack anymore
The lions they won't fight and the tigers won't roar
The little man is asleep in his bed,
The little man who gets the train
The little man, with anger in his eyes,
The living room's a wreck from all the rows
The local factory's been pulled down
The lonesome train
The loser bars and the noisy rooms
The love we shared, the tears that fell now. (2) (3)
The man on the news is going over the top
The management said that I should not appear.
The matrimonial stakes.
The mechanic just panicked, he's nowhere to be found.
The memory of you love that is gone
The memory of your kiss
The memory of your sweet caress
The message said I got a call,
The mice are gonna play.
The mirror of love you sure look alright.
The misfits are everywhere
The moment that I saw her standing there.
The money goes round and around and around
The money I've got wouldn't get me far.
The moon shone bright as we walked hand in hand
The morality kicks in
The more they get, the more they need (2)
The more you crave it the cheaper you get.
The morning after, gets up from the floor
the motor traffic rumble, but give me half a chance
The motorbike riders.
The motorways all over this land
The music came along and gave new life to me
The music came and set me free
The native beats his drum
The natives are getting restless in the tropical heat
The neighbors call to tell you things that you should know
The neighbours shouted out "No more"
The news was so bad that I fell out of bed
The night can last forever.
The night is dark,
The night keeps a-callin'.
The obligations, all of the ties,
The old fortune teller lies dead on the floor
The old life's dead the order's changing
The old world's fadin'.
The only action that you see
The only ones left are the ones in the zoo.
The only place that I wanna be,
The only thing subtracted is the love I had for you
The only time I feel all right is when I'm with you
The only time I feel alright is by your side (2) (3)
The only way that I can get my fun
The ordinary people
The owls are a-callin',
The ozone's gone and that's no fun
The pace is continual, sure keeps running me down
The past is gone but in my head
The past is gone it's all been said.
The people in grey have gone and taken away my right to voice my complaint,
The people in grey.
the person who is on my party line. (2)
The police are everywhere like there's gonna be a riot.
The politicians blamed it on the strikers and the militants, (2)
The politicians, unions, workers and the militants,
The pollen count's getting higher and higher
The poor cry for more, but they're reaching the point
The powers that be say they can't keep a hold
The pressure's building up because there's no way to avoid,
The pressures of society are getting to your brain
The profit's going somewhere
The pubs are turning out and all the streets are alive
The punters didn't like the product or the venue
The rain came pouring down
The rain is a pouring and it's four in the morning,
The rain keeps falling just the same
The reason why this life on earth
The rebels are conforming,
The rebels are too old now,
The reckoning's come
The reckoning was beckoning
The red, black, yellow and white
The rent collector's knocking, trying to get in.
The revolution's over.
The road (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
The Roman promoters really did things right.
The rug says made in Korea
The sandwiches are packed
The Scilley Isles and Sahara, too
The secret's out at last
The sight brings a smile to his face
The sky's gone black
The sky is blue but there are clouds in my head,
The sun is out but the room is so grey,
The sun is shining
The system that fed you and bred you can throw you away,
The tax man's taken all my dough,
The tea is in the flask
The tension spreads just like a plague,
The things I've done for art.
The things I've done for music,
The third time that I saw you
The third world's becoming a major league player
The time device of self-destruction
The torment, the worry and woe,
The torments, the worries and whoas,
The toys are forgotten, now it appears,
The trainer of insects is crouched on his knees
The tumble dryer's broken,
The turned up nose and moronic glare?
The two of us can't take it
The unknown soldier can't be saved.
The useless souvenirs bought on a holiday.
The very next time I had to make you mine,
The voice on the 'phone says we'll get right back
The vultures get the rating and the people get the thrills
The war is over (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
The war is over, it's time for all the soldiers to go home. (2)
The war is over. (2)
The war is over. The battle's won but what is there to show?
The was is over and the patriotic comrades are no more.
The way art lovers do,
The way Dave played guitar was very similar to the way he spoke
The way Dave played was very individual
The way that I'm combing my hair
The way that she looked the first time we met.
The way that you are, (2) (3)
The wheel of time is grinding 'gainst your dreams
The whole wide world doesn't mean so much to me,
The whole wide world is gonna feel the squeeze.
The wise man, the simpleton, the loser and the winner
The wonderful world of technology,
The word is out I'm in disgrace -- a waste of space.
The word is out that you are the informer
The word is out, I've seen the sign,
The word of mouth said I should be put in my place.
The word of mouth says I'm round the bend,
The word of mouth says that I've gone insane,
The word of mouth will get right back to you. (2)
The word of mouth, (2) (3) (4) (5)
The workers of the world
The workers told the unions who blamed it on the government,
The workers told the unions, who blamed it on the government,
The working man's café
The world's goin' crazy and (2) (3)
The world's going 'round in a state of confusion.
The world's gonna stop
The world's spinning round like a looney balloon
The world can't make us alter this position
The world is at his feet.
The world is turning upside-down
The world is wild and at this stage
The world keeps going round (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
The world was much younger then
The yen gonna climb
the young conservatives.
The zombie inside of you
Their names are written in concrete!
Them or us, who's fooling who?
Then a little sister came along,
Then a momentary lapse of faith
Then a spiv named Frankie Simes
Then a voice shouts up to him
Then after cheese and liqueurs they struck up the band,
Then everybody crowded inside
Then from the dust we are born
Then get a life, get a life, get a life
Then he's gonna cheat on you.
Then he's gonna screw you just like that. (2)
Then he fell to the ground and he cried and he cried.
Then he found himself in front of a judge and jury,
Then he had to leave the apartment
Then he lifted up his hands and reached to the sky
Then he looked up above saw the stars in the sky
Then he moved into property, stocks and shares,
Then he saw a notice on the wall,
Then he smiled and finished his story
Then he soaked away all the troubles and let them drown.
Then he walks right past and I know that I've got to get back in the line (2)
Then he walks up to me and the sun begins to shine (2)
Then his mind'll go and he'll bust your nose.
Then hours into days.
Then I'd be someone,
Then I'm going to fly away.
Then I'm going to take my place in the crowd.
Then I could live on Lavender Hill.
Then I could raise my head to the sky,
Then I knock on the door, then I realize
Then I saw Lavinia
Then I saw you standing there
Then I see a face that I used to know
Then I wake up and realize I've been kissing the refrigerator
Then I walked up to you and I asked for this dance
Then if my long, lost little girl was here with me (2)
Then in 1926 they decided to be free
Then in a few more years we'll give your case a review
Then into the middle of it all there came man
Then it's back where you started, (2)
Then it's Demolition.
Then maybe one day I'll be free of you.
Then minutes,
Then moves on through the population,
Then one day I'll hear somebody shout
Then one day it's good-bye, they've decided they're going solo.
Then out of the corner of my eye
Then she put her hand on my chest
Then the corporations came along
Then the elevator opened (2)
Then they laugh behind our backs.
Then they put on false sincerity
then they salute the Union Jack.
Then they talk on cue
Then they towed away our culture
Then we'll be the same, always.
Then we'll build a row
Then we'll pull up the floor boards,
Then what would come after, that would be unwise
Then you'll eat him all up,
Then you're gonna find out the hard way.
Then you're in every bar, you're in every café, (2)
Then you bring out all my animal aggression
Then you cry in your beer and say you've got no friends
Then you know how I feel
Then you wake up, it's time for you
There'd better be life on Mars (2)
There'd still be you and me, honey
There'll be a better day (2)
There'll be equality (2)
There'll be much to clean and time to atone
There'll be no disagreements,
There'll be no shirking of responsibilities
There'll be no use in sighing. (2)
There'll be wrecks to clear in this war zone
There'll only be my ashes to scatter
There's a crack up in the ceiling,
There's a dark and misty place.
There's a guy in my block, he lives for rock
There's a house an fire and there's someone lying dead
There's a key to a door to be opened
There's a lady plays her fav'rite records
There's a little girl who's waiting for me (2)
There's a lot of lost souls looking out
There's a part of me that says "Get out"
There's a place where the publishers go
There's a red, under my bed
There's a room in a house in a street in a manor in a borough
There's a self made prophet living right next to me
There's a time device inside of me, I'm a self-destructin' man
There's a village green.
There's been another assassination
There's fear in the streets
There's flooding in the basement,
There's gonna be a celebration in 1992 (2)
There's gonna be evil doin',
There's got to be a heart of gold.
There's got to be more
There's got to be something better than this
There's gotta be a place for us to meet
There's no end to it I'm in a pit and I'm stuck in it
There's no escape, we'll always be this way
There's no man alive who wouldn't sell for a price,
There's no more chicks left where the green grass grows and I know that
There's no more left to buy or sell (2)
There's no more oil left in the well (2)
There's no need to get depressed,
There's no one alive who can't be purchased or enticed
There's no one else to stand in your place. (2)
There's no pill I can recommend where side effects (2)
There's no point in being down
There's no proof or trace or date or place or where or when.
There's no quality (2) (3)
There's no room for love and romance. (2)
There's no solution to it all, it's out of control.
There's no use blaming me
There's no way that we can agree
There's no way that you can get by,
There's no way that you can win, (2)
There's nothing else that you can do
There's nothing happening there
There's nothing he won't do to get a harry rag
There's nothing left for me to do
There's nowhere we can hide.
There's one thing that's for sure,
There's one thing that he loves and that is flattery.
There's one thing that holds me still
There's one thing that I will say to you, (2)
There's one thing that you gotta do (2) (3)
There's one thing you've gotta do
There's only one consolation I can recommend.
There's only one cure for all your hangups and all your depressions.
There's so many of us out there
There's so much that we can say.
There's so much that we can share.
There's someone waiting not far away
There's tension everywhere
There's too much on my mind, (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
There's too much on my mind.
There's trouble brewin',
There's water all around.
There's woodworm in the attic
There ain't no beauty
There ain't no limit to what money can do (2)
There ain't no limit to what money can do.
There ain't no pity, there ain't no bail,
There are alleyways of your psyche
There are bad people, mad people, bitter people, scared people
There are many different people,
There are millions of people out there
There are no trees or fields in front of me
There are so many lies around.
There are so many people in the world (2)
There are stars in every city,
There goes another night, here comes another flight,
There is just one explanation - phobia
There is no hope, no reasoning
There is no return
There is nothing I would rather do (There is nothing I would rather do)
There isn't any time to make much sense of it
There live a cat, a phenomenal cat,
There must be a cure for this hay fever
There must be millions of people out there
There oughta be a law, hey buddy, turn that radio down.
There was a gas strike, oil strike, lorry strike, bread strike
There was hunger, unemployment and poverty,
There was no hope, no reasoning (2)
There was no world at all
There was sadness in her eyes.
There was something missing
There were scores of German military waiting in a line,
There were tears in the back of my eyes,
There were thousands of people struggling to survive.
There you go. (2) (3)
These lunatics will take my mind
These things they never can have
They'd be you and me, honey
They'd see a heart that once was pure
They'll feed you when you're born,
They'll give you mediocre reviews
They'll move me up to Muswell Downs tomorrow,
They'll never miss us
They'll pepper it with lies
They'll satisfy my appetite.
They'll swallow anything you write
They'll try and make me study elocution,
They're a special offer and they hurt me a bit
They're all going to feel the bite
They're castles have burned.
They're demonstrating outside I think they're gonna start the third world war,
They're digging up all of the flowers
They're even talking of a war
They're giving up living 'cos they just don't care
They're gonna dig up the drains.
They're gonna pull up the floors, they're gonna knock down the walls,
They're gonna put you down for a while
They're gonna put you in your place.
They're gonna segregate the people,
They're gonna try and make me change my way of living,
They're killing off all of the animals too,
They're laying me off all because of inflation,
They're living to their doom
They're making massive reductions, (2) (3) (4)
They're pointing at a man standing high on a ledge
They're pumping up the nation but it's gonna bust a vein.
They're putting up the barricades
They're putting us in identical little boxes,
They're runnin'.
They're scared to (2)
They're scared to come out
They're scattered up there in the sky
They're size 28 but I take 34
They're surviving the best way they can
They're talking to me
They're tearing old quality down
They're trying to build a computerised community,
They're up there and you re down here
They're vandalising all the cars on the street
They're walking to the factory
They're watching me, I'm watching them
They're watching my house and they're tapping my telephone,
They've alienated everyone.
They've burned all their bridges
They've called me a faggot, a spiv and a fake,
They've got no style,
They've got to run to someone
They ain't gonna listen to me (2) (3)
They ain't gonna listen, nobody listens,
They all tell me get a job you slob,
They are in paradise
They are mine
They are surviving every woman and man
They ball with all their might.
They built the motorways and shopping malls
They call it Entertainment (2)
They call it Entertainment (Call it Entertainment)
They call me a rogue and a villain,
They call me the scum of the earth.
They can't get through to Johnny, they will never, ever break him down.
They can't resist your smile.
They can't stop the music playing on. (2)
They can't stop the music, (2)
They can clear the slums as part of their solution,
They can knock me down and tread on my face,
They can see, they can see, they can see
They could drop a small atom bomb on the city today,
They could photograph reality,
They don't know the tune and they don't know the words
They don't want to know,
They don't want to know.
They dream of daffodils that sway in the breeze.
They even sent the police around to hear us play
They fill our heads with promises
They filled us full of false illusions and promiscuity,
They get depressed and they hold their head in their hands and cry.
They give you social security
They got every solution for every revolution.
They keep it up all night.
They knock me down 'cos they brown and I white
They knocked me oh-oh-over (2)
They like misty water, (2)
They like misty water. (2) (3) (4)
They live in the slums just like the poor people do
They locked my baby, in Holloway jail,
They made front pages in the news not long ago
They made you happy
They needed a show that would clearly excite.
They never get visits from neighbors,
They O.K. by me, I'm not.
They only see what's in their own fancy, always.
They play that music ev'ry night.
They put a parking lot on a piece of land
They put flowers in the picture frame
They put his picture on the wall
They put it on the Internet
They really knocked me out (2)
They ripped off the radio and sold the wheels
They sacrificed their lives to make a dream come true.
They said:
They said that Donna walked away
They said this was the last dance
They say he may have hit rock bottom
They say he threw the telly through the window
They say I'm crooked and bent,
They say I'm the scab of the nation.
They say it's time to start all over (2)
They say that even in your day
They say that good manners belong on a heap,
They say that you're a fanatic with a mission.
They say their lines, they drink their tea, and then they go
They say there's gonna be a river of blood
They say they're outdated and they're obsolete,
They say you can't fight fate
They say you went and moved across the border
They say you were a poor boy, you know that life can be cruel.
They seek him here, they seek him there, (2)
they shout the story to the nation
They snap their photographs and say "Gawl darn it,"
They sold us a dream but in reality (2)
They spread their gossip and the rumors around this town.
They squeeze me so tight so I can't take no more
They start to rock with all they got.
They still each other's to have and hold.
They stretched the chord, snapped the wire
They suppress us, oppress us, molest us, possess us.
They tell your business in another Shangri-la
They took my baby to Holloway jail,
They took my baby, down Holloway jail, (2)
They took my baby, to Holloway jail, (2)
They took the road so it's alright by me
They took the vows, for better or worse,
They try their best but can't succeed
They used to be so in love, now they fight so much
They used to laugh together, now he's never at home.
They vanish in the haze (2)
They want your mind and your body
They want your soul and your spirit
They were meant for me to kiss (2)
They were reduced in a sale so I shouldn't complain
They were there to wish me goodbye.
They wheel her out, she starts to cry
They whisper their remarks one to another,
They won't forget you when the revolution comes.
They won't forget you, when the revolution comes.
They won the peace, we lost the war.
They would all be asking who I'm trying to be.
They would all be saying that it's not really me,
They would ask me what I'm trying to prove.
They would ask me what on earth I'm trying to prove.
They would see me in my hotel,
They would tell me that I'm just being used
Things are gonna change (2) (3) (4) (5)
Things getting better. (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21)
Things that crawl and go bump in the night - phobia
Things would be more equal and be plenty for everyone
Think about the good times
Think about the people you love
Think about the sun that is gone
Think digital, synthisise, computerise, think visual
Think I'll sell my radio now that you're not there.
Think of all the fun we had in 1984.
Think of how we feel,
think of what we could do with a four piece band
Think visual (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Think visual, think visual (2) (3) (4) (5)
Think visual, think visual, push the button and see
Think visual, think visual, show your personality
Think visual, think visual, think visual (2)
Think what I want and cry if I like
Think you'll never look back, (2) (3)
Thinkin' about the world (2)
Thinking 'bout it now, just what might have been.
Thinking 'bout it now, things will never be the same,
Thinking about good things that I just threw away.
Thinking it's Summer, but there are only clouds in the sky.
Thinking life's just like that elevator
Thinking life has passed you by
Thinks he looks cool but his act is dated. (2) (3) (4) (5)
This all seems like a crazy dream
This city kills me, but it thrills me
This city was alive (2)
This city was cool
This city was cruel
This city was keen (2)
This city was mean
This city was till the office blocks and parking lots
This friction's killing me
This girl said she's mine (2) (3)
This is Captain America calling (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
This is my hymn for a new age
This is my street, and I'm never gonna leave it,
This is our lot,
This is private, please get off my line.
This is really heavy weather
This is Surbiton, Surbiton. The train at Platform Two is for Wimbledon and Waterloo only.
This is the age of machinery,
This is the edge of insanity
This is the end of civilization
This is the end, this is the last time,
This is the morning after (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
This is the nitty gritty
This is the twentieth century (2)
This is the twentieth century,
This is where I belong. (2) (3) (4)
This is your chance, this is your time
This is your Kingdom to command
This motorway message is sent just for you.
This party line was here when I arrived. (2)
This pleasure-seeking individual always looks his best
This poverty is hurting my pride
This rainy day in June (2) (3)
This thing is bigger than the both of us (2)
This time I'll give you some security
This time I'm gonna get there.
This time it's a serious offense.
This time there's no more waiting
This time tomorrow what will we know
This time tomorrow what will we see
This time tomorrow where will we be (2)
This time tomorrow, this time tomorrow
This time you won't be overjoyed,
This time your station really must have gone underground
This world is big and wild and half insane
This world is full of barriers that keep us apart.
This world is full of restless souls
This world is spinning and turning
Thomas A'Becket, Thomas Moore, and don't forget the Kray twins
Those ducks are getting up my nose.
Those economic vultures
Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me. (2) (3)
Those great, so great
Those happy days we spent together
Those juvenile fantasies and innocent dreams we shared.
Those killer's eyes (2) (3) (4)
Those other romances come and go,
Those scattered clues she left behind
Those Sunday dinners that we had at home
Those that faded, (2)
Those that made it, (2)
Those that never even made the grade, (2)
Those that we thought would never last. (2)
Those who laughed were not friends anyway.
Though all the children have gone away
Though at the time they filled me with dismay.
Though everybody tried their best,
Though he was big and fat,
Though he would like to try
Though I ain't got a beanie
Though I am poor, I am free
Though I didn't know you yesterday. (2)
Though I don't even know your name.
Though I knew it was my dad
Though it's cold outside
Though it's scattered in the world beyond
Though Maria is not lovely,
Though my hills are not green,
Though she's far from home
Though the past is just a blink away,
Though the world was hard and its ways were set
Though we seem together, it's breaking my heart.
Though you are hot, forget me not
Though you say goodbye.
Thought I was brave till I saw
Thought I was cured but here it comes again
Thought that you were my friend
Thought this empire would be here
Thought you were fooling around, now it's too late to say I'm sorry
Thousand on raft, cold French fries (2)
Thousand on raft, cold French fries,
Thousands into millions, millions into billions
Thousands of people passing through,
Thousands of trees
Three bags full Sir
Three days to kill and my per diem's getting low
Threw back all the beads at the parade
Threw the Christians to the lions, sold out every night
Through a misty, silky screen.
Through all of your difficulties
Through it all we were scattered
Through the bright city lights,
Through the dark alley-ways and passages of London, London
Through the poverty and grime
Through the shadows of the moonlight, I walk my beat.
Through the storms and hurricanes we rode
Through the wall of fire (2)
Through this sleepless night. (2)
Throw out imperfection,
Thunder and lightning. (2) (3) (4)
Thunder clap smoke a frightnin',
Tickling their fancy,
Tidy ladies shine their shoes.
Till from the earth we are torn
Till I find myself a home
Till she walked the streets of the big black smoke,
Till the end of the day (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
Till the office blocks and parking lots
Till then I've got nothing to ease my mind,
Till then the jet stream up above
Till there's mass contamination.
Till they're walking round like flies man
Till we go sleep at night
Till we meet again bravely walk the line
Till you at last became a star.
Till you can't take any more
Time and space and why world's move
Time goes by and he pays off his debts
Time goes by and people change
Time goes by but we never forget
Time goes by it takes us all,
Time has come for a new crusade
Time has gone and nothing ever can replace
Time is as fast as the slowest thing,
Time was on our side and I had everything to gain
Time won't wait
Times are hard but we'll all survive
Times are rough,
Times like this, I just drift away
Times will be hard, rain will fall (2)
Tip-toeing on the great high wire (2)
Tired of looking at wealthy faces
Tired of waiting (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12)
Tired of waiting for you (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
To a city that is really too hot,
To a land of bananas and sand
To a new depth
To a new horizon
To a new life, a new dawn
to a stab in the back.
To a time when he was so young and green
To a worrying mind
To an atomic mind
to appear as if in a dream
To be a cut price person in a low budget land
To be repaid a hundred percent.
To be yourself you have to put on an act.
To bring some money home to you.
To build a better world for me and you.
To build a better world, a new society
To catch a kissable lady,
To change the world.
To clear the storm away,
To cramp your style and blow your cover
To cross the other side.
To do it all again
To do the Idiot Jack
To drink her afternoon tea
To dust away the cobwebs of your mind.
To every fella that she met.
To feed the reporter with your views
To find, to find, you're mine...
To follow a Mercedes Benz?
To get a better deal for yourself,
To get a better deal for yourself. (2)
To get away from another full moon.
To get away from that stormy sky.
To get background for his songs.
To grow wild and sleep rough
To have a happy home once more.
To have a little holiday today, holiday,
To have a little holiday.
To have educated muscles and bones.
To help classify my disease,
To help improve the circulation
To help uncomplicate my life,
To his worn out seventy-eights.
To hit New York City
To impress my peers I struck a creative stance
To keep the wealthy fat.
To let the inside out
To lift me up from the ground
To live in a world without suffering and pain
To live on the land.
To live together,
To live within our artificial world. (2)
To look at all the little girls.
To make it perfectly clear.
To make me still want you (2) (3)
To make you feel ashamed,
To make your body move.
To me you are gorgeous,
To meet their children coming home from school
To meet your own demands,
To my island in the sun
To my tropical fantasy
To Oklahoma U.S.A.,
To our play
To press my trousers and polish my shoes
To protect her and him I've used a pseudonym,
To prove, who we know
To pull it back together
To put that music out of her head.
To put you straight about the rumors they're spreading about me back home.
To raise your expectations
To relieve your situation
To satisfy my appetite.
To satisfy your appetite.
To Scrapheap City. (2) (3)
To see first hand the brand new start you made
To see if anybody was there.
To see my baby (2) (3)
To see my rise and see my fall
To see Piccadilly,
To see what life's cut out for me
To send him to the brink
To share my little holiday,
To shoot the bloodstains on the pavement
To sleep
To spend my time
To stand where light can find us
To start another day
To stop the truth, so tell your lies
To syncopate and celebrate the U.K. Jive.
To take me away. (2) (3) (4)
To take you as I find you
To take you in my arms and tell you to stop all your sobbing
To that island of my dreams
To that little, that little semi-detached
To the cripples and the beggars
To the earth you are scattered
To the fields we are scattered (2)
To the rock stars of the past, (2)
To the sound of Livin' La Vida Loca
To the sound of the tourists in the casino
To the things I used to know.
To the wives and the lovers and friends who had their time
To their depot in south Wales
To them you're just a speck of dirt
To think that we would always be,
To those bright city lights.
To those damaged limitations
To those family celebrations?
To titty bars and low life clubs
To use your natural gifts, you got natural gifts, yeh
To wear at all her social affairs
To your friends and family
Today has got to be a good day, (2)
Today is gonna be a good day, (2) (3) (4)
Together now!
Together on this special day
Together we can find a way (2)
Together we can find a way.
Tom is as bold as the knights of old
Tomorrow I'll be back in the race, till then
Tomorrow I shall become Norman,
Tomorrow we'll laugh about it;
Too bad for them, too bad for mine
Too far this time.