Ray Davies's
Working Man's Café cover

All Lines

Too hot, too hot, too hot.
Too late to change (2)
Too late to change, too soon to tell
Too many people side by side
Too much thunder, too much fightin'.
Too scared to even say hello.
Too scared to think about how insecure you are
Too soon to tell
Too terrified to cry
Took it all away from me.
Tornado, cyclone and hurricane
Total automation perpetual motion.
Total chaos, total destruction.
Totally made by hand.
Totally over the edge
Totally stressed
Tourists everywhere, blocking up the streets.
Towards equal rights, regardless of religion
Traffic either side of me,
Trapped, trapped.
Traveling light, in case they might get a change of heart
Treat me like I'm a fool,
Trendy intellectuals always take action,
Tried to make my life a misery,
Tried to put her out of my mind, she'll only cause me grief
Triggering something deep below
Trodden time and time again
Troubles that I had, but somehow I got through
Truly, Julie, you're only a name,
Trumpets herald the final confrontation between Flash and himself.
Try and do what you can
Try not to listen when I mumble like a loon.
Try not to panic when you switch on the news
Try thinking it through but whatever you do
Try to draw it out, the joke's on you,
Try to go out with David Watts
Tryin' hard to find out where my baby is tonight
Trying to feed me knowledge
Trying to get by in a world that don't care
Trying to hide the gloom, sitting in my hotel room.
Trying to keep my head together
Trying to prove to the world that we really exist
Trying, trying my heart is reaching out to you
Tucked up, safely away.
Tune up start to play, just like any other day. (2) (3) (4) (5)
Turn a new leaf and start all over again
Turn around to find it's all changed
Turn my back and walk away
Turn on the TV, just sit and stare
Turn out the light. (2)
Turn the tap, see, a little bit's coming
Turn your sorrow into wonder (2)
Turned into a labour of love. (2)
Turned musicians into factory workers on assembly lines.
Turned suddenly to grey
TV, the media, lies and deception blinding us
Twelve bars flowing through his brain,
Twelve bars flowing through his brain.
Twelve thousand miles but I've got not resistance, (2)
Twenty-four inch TV screen?
Twisting my mind. (2)
Two long years have passed away.
Two old friends
Two silhouettes saying goodnight by the garden gate.
Two soldiers fighting in a trench
Two up, two down,
Two-roomed apartment on the second floor. (2)

- U -

U.K O.K. U.K. O.K.
U.K. O.K. U.K. O.K. gimme that U.K. Jive
Ultimatums, deadlines and depression
Unconditional love is better
Unconditional understanding peace in our time
Under a lamp light
Under constant observation
Under electric candlelight
Underneath that hard exterior, (2)
Underneath that rude exterior, (2) (3)
Underneath the neon sign. (2) (3)
Underneath the pale blue sky
Ungrateful youth, decided you're going solo.
Ungrateful youth, you're going solo.
Unified so no one could destroy us
Union Man I'll work with you hand in hand
Unionists tell you when to strike,
Unloading foreign trade from a large ocean vessel
Until death us do part. (2)
Until he reaches the top.
Until I find a way
Until I find my way
Until it's too late. (2)
Until my dying day, oh yeah
Until the bell
Until the house falls.
Until we've got everything we need.
Until you learn to laugh at yourself
Until you learn to laugh you'll never come to any parties at my house (2)
Until you stop worrying about yourself
Up above the stars still shine
Up and down, round and round
Up is down, and black is white, (2) (3) (4)
Up to Potters Bar
Use your natural gifts, you got natural gifts

- V -

Valium helps you for a while (2)
Vandalized victims of depravity
Vaudeville, variety
Very happy little tin soldier man (2)
Victoria loved them all
Victoria was my queen
Victoria, 'toria
Victoria, Victoria, Victoria (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, 'toria (2) (3) (4)
Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, toria
Video shop (2)
Visit my friends,
Voices in the subway,
Voodoo walk, voodoo walk

- W -

Wait you thought the real world let you down.
Waiting by the elevator
Waiting for my executive goddess
Waiting for the flashing light
Waiting for the hurricane
Waiting for the message I'm dreading to hear.
Waiting for the missing person to call.
Waiting for the subway train.
Waiting for them to swallow the bait.
Waiting just to carry you home
Waiting round and killing time
Waiting to be called
Waiting to confirm my darkest fears.
Wake up Flash. Can you hear me Flash?
Wake up in the White House
Wakin' up, feeling rough
Walk if I want and talk if I want
Walk if I want, talk if I want (2)
Walked down to Preservation Hall
Walking 'round this metropolis
Walking 'round with their heads bowed
Walking along a crowded street
Walking hand in hand, I gotta be out of my brain.
Walking past the writing on the wall
Walks out onto a stage and they all shout "queer!"
Wall Street's down, so what
Walter's name.
Walter, isn't it a shame the way our little world has changed? (2)
Walter, remember when the world was young
Walter, you are just an echo of a world I knew so long ago
Wanna put you down and keep you in your place
Want to start anew, throw in your hand
Wanted to be a star.
was astounded by the speed of Dave's hands
Was it all an illusion, is it fantasy
Was it fact or fiction? Who can say?
Was it love, was I meant
Was it my imagination playing tricks on me
Was it only an illusion
Was it real or only a dream (2) (3)
Was it real or only a dream?
Was it something that you heard,
Was it something that you said to the corporation guys upstairs?
Was just another factory
Was my imagination playing tricks on me
Was not all that it might seem.
Was spent on purple hearts and cigarettes.
Was the shyest lady that I'd ever met,
was to become the rhythm guitar player
was to get out of the factory (2)
Was your love real or faked?
Wasted talent on women and wine
Watch her, she'll give you a broadside,
Watch out!
Watch out, don't get caught in the crossfire.
Watch out, she's still growing up, she's in a rage,
Watched as the world went flashing past
Watchin' the clouds roll by. (2)
Watching as she innocently plays.
Watching game shows all day was no kind of deal
Watching industrial waste trickling down the drain?
Watching it all go on and I'm watching it all go wrong
Watching it all go on, and I'm watching it all go wrong
Watching it all go wrong.
Watching late shows till the morning,
Watching the water go flowing by.
Waterloo sunset's fine (2) (3)
We'd disturb the peace and woke up all the neighbours
We'd like to help you and understand you
We'd save up all our money and we'd buy a boat and sail away to sea.
We'd sing of the old country
We'll all walk along
We'll be O.K.
We'll beat you up if you don't hand it over (2) (3)
We'll beat you up if you make us annoyed (2)
We'll bring religion back
We'll buy up all the cottages
We'll cast out Satan and we'll set the sinners free,
We'll dedicate our lives to achievements,
We'll find a way through the mad rushing crowd
We'll fly down to Sydney for our holiday (2)
We'll have a picnic on the grass
We'll keep on our guard (2) (3)
We'll lie in a field
We'll make a movie in Vietnam
We'll meet again someday
We'll sit and watch the traffic lights.
We'll some-day buy the neon sign
We'll surf like they do in the U.S.A. (2)
We'll take the hard way.
We'll take this planet, shake it round
We'll take your mother if you want to
We'll talk to the cows
We'll work it out if we try. (2)
We're afraid to see a bit of emotion (2)
We're all on our uppers we're all going skint
We're getting uptight, wanna fight, everybody back bite
We're going 'round the dial,
We're going drivin', drivin'
We're going through the wall of fire
We're going to be free like the birds and the bees
We're going to build an artificial man
We're going to the wall of fire
We're gonna buy up everything,
We're gonna buy up this town
We're gonna live in a field, we're gonna buy me gun, to keep the policemen away.
We're gonna see what really matters
We're gonna stick together, body and mind
We're gonna travel faster than light
We're gonna win the way that Mr. Churchill says
We're in a low budget film where nothing can last
We're in a state (state)
We're like weary warriors who just came back from hell
We're near the eye of the storm
We're not the greatest when when we're separated
We're on a low budget
We're out of control on this looney balloon
We're tired of being herded
We're under a stormy sky, (2)
We've all got problems we know,
We've been through it all yet we're still the same
We've got to be free, we've got to be free now (2)
We've got to be tough,
We've got to get out of this world somehow
We've got to get somewhere or hit something soon.
We've got to learn to stick together.
We've got to set ourselves free this time
We've got to stand together
We've plenty of beer
We've really come a long way down this road
We've seen the thunder clouds in the sky,
We've sold all the houses so put 'em up fast.
We've still got mountains to climb
We agree to hate and that's our fast decision
We all go through hell in some kind of way,
We all need a script
We all play video games
We all read lines,
We all seem to pass the time of day
We all sit glued while the killer takes aim
We always treasure the first time we fall in love.
We are all God's children
We are all the same to Him
We are here to cleanse humanity
We are sick and tired (2)
We are strictly second class,
We are such creatures of little faith (2) (3) (4)
We are the Custard Pie Appreciation Consortium
We are the Desperate Dan Appreciation Society
We are the Draught Beer Preservation Society
We are the national guard (2)
We are the national, guard
We are the new centurians (2) (3)
We are the new centurians,
We are the new centurians.
We are the Office Block Persecution Affinity
We are the Sherlock Holmes English Speaking Vernacular
We are the Skyscraper Condemnation Affiliate
We are the Village Green Preservation Society
We are torn, we are shattered
We beg for more,
We both want to work so hard,
We came through the storm
We can't be friends, walk hand in hand
We can't do tomorrow what we did yesterday
We can't get the chance,
We can put on a smile just to cover up the tears
We can still climb together
We cheat and lie to conquer our fears
We come, we go we see the show (2)
We couldn't appreciate it at the time.
We crawl on the floor
We did the foxtrot, samba and danced through the night
We didn't like you any way.
We didn't want to hear you play,
We disappear without a trace
We do as we please, yeah (2) (3)
We don't feel as ugly as we really are,
We don't feel so draggy,
We don't feel so twisted up tight.
We don't feel so ugly,
We don't understand,
We don't want a jigsaw or monopoly money
We drank lemonade,
We drove on many rocky roads together
We get battered
We get bruised
We got no time for your silly toys (2) (3)
We gotta advertise, we gotta merchandise, ooh, oh, yeh
We gotta black up the windows and nail up the doors
We gotta budget to face and the marketplace is full of competition, competition
We gotta clean up the streets
We gotta fight the bloody battle to the very end (2)
We gotta find a solution
We gotta hold up our chins
We gotta learn to share these moments in our lives (2)
We gotta lot to do out there, well ain't we
We gotta show some courage and some discipline
We had expectations, now we've reached (2)
We had our good times pal,
We had our tiffs together
We had stayed up playing all night long
We know that he's only a man.
We know they'll never keep.
We know we're the scab of the nation,
We know we're the scum of the earth,
We leave the office and walk straight to the bar,
We leave the office and walk straight to the bar.
We live this life
We live, we die no one knows why (2)
We made the music to set ourselves free
We might still have a way to go
We must try to escape because it's never too late
We need a hymn (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
We need a hymn for a new age (2) (3) (4) (5)
We need more facts, perhaps you would find out and forward them.
We never appreciated what we had.
We never needed them, but they outlasted us.
We never questioned why or when
We oh we oh (2)
We only remember what we choose to remember.
We only want the real McCoy
We patch up the last disaster
We put them on a shelf, now they're collecting dust.
We ridicule him and punch him around,
We see it happen time after time.
We shall defend our island
We shall fight them in the streets
We shall fight them on the beaches
We shared our dreams together,
We should be home, should be tucked up in bed
We start to dance and my nose starts to bleed
We stretched the bounds
We survive somewhat battered
We think it's forever, the first time we fall in love.
We think there's a change in the weather
We thought "If we could annoy all of the neighbours with the green amp"
We thought our world would never change
We thought they'd last forever.
We thought we'd found the motherload,
We walked on the beach,
We want your bread so don't make us annoyed (2) (3)
We went and built a master race
We were lost and found (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
We were lost and found in the pouring rain
We were lost and found, in the nick of time
We were lost and found, just in time (2) (3)
We were lost and found, standing here
We were more innocent
We were much younger then
We were not to know.
We were up all night, we were all yawning
We will laugh and talk about the village green.
We win and lose, we laugh and cry
We won't be home late
We work all day, we sweat and slave
We work like dogs all of our lives,
Weekend revolutionaries protest and sing
Welcome to Sleazy Town (2) (3) (4) (5)
Welcome to Sleazy Town, Sleazy, Sleazy Town
Welfare State owned my mind and my body and my soul.
Well (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) (39) (40) (41) (42) (43) (44) (45) (46) (47) (48) (49) (50) (51) (52) (53) (54) (55) (56) (57) (58) (59) (60) (61) (62) (63) (64) (65) (66) (67) (68) (69) (70) (71) (72) (73) (74) (75) (76) (77) (78) (79) (80) (81) (82) (83) (84) (85) (86) (87)
Well ain't I human
Well ain't we
Well come on now (2) (3)
Well don't apologize 'cause it's too late
Well give me two good reasons why I oughta stay.
Well here's your chance to be a total automaton
Well I'd left home just a week before
Well I'm not dumb but I can't understand
Well I'm not rich and I'm not free
Well I'm not the world's most masculine man
Well I'm not the world's most passionate guy
Well I'm not the world's most physical guy
Well I'm ready to start paying my dues,
Well I'm the kind of guy who likes
Well I cut down women I cut out booze,
Well I don't need nobody else (2)
Well I fell asleep, then I woke feelin' kinda' queer
Well I looked at her and she at me
Well I love you, (2)
Well I met her accidentally,
Well I only know I wanna see my baby
Well I pawned my watch and I sold my car.
Well I said goodbye to Rosie Rooke this morning,
Well I took my baby home
Well I tried to settle down Fulham Broadway
Well I woke this morning with a pain in my neck,
Well I wonder where my baby is tonight (2) (3)
Well I worked for a week and I got no pay.
Well it's getting late and we better go (2) (3)
Well it's not that you are ugly,
Well it makes me happy to see you walkin'
Well man built a boat and he learned how to sail
Well Mr. Churchill says, Mr. Churchill says
Well Mr. Montgomery says
Well my baby's coming back home to stay
Well now my baby's come back to me.
Well now, I've never felt so sad
Well now, search the mountains (2)
Well physics and geography, education.
Well she's coming back home, but I haven't got a dime
Well since my baby's been away,
Well that's the way that I want it to stay
Well the milkman's a spy, and the grocer keeps on following me,
Well then, I'll have to do it all over again!
Well things got worse from day to day.
Well we've waited this long,
Well we drank champagne and danced all night
Well we still be here watching an in-flight movie show
Well who's the big mouth spreading the news again?
Well you can climb the mountains
Well you can search high and low if you want (2)
Well your mum,
Well, anyway, you must have heard about the
Well, education, education, education, education
Well, he got his job when drunken Daddy tumbled down the stairs.
Well, he married Betty Lou back in '65 when you had to be butch to survive
Well, help me, baby, get a message through
Well, I'm going down the pub now. You're welcome to join me if you
Well, I'm not goin' anywhere.
Well, I ain't gonna wander,
Well, it's been said before, the world is a stage
Well, it seems that all the good things I've done
Well, life is a road, it's a motorway
Well, lived my life and never stopped to worry 'bout a thing
Well, mystify me by the way that you walk
Well, once we had an easy ride and always felt the same
Well, she said, baby I know what's best
Well, she slept in cafés and coffee bars and bowling alleys,
Well, the road's been rocky along the way
Well, yesterday was such an easy game for you to play
Well, you'll do it your way and I'll do it my way,
Well, you search the mountains
Well, you were my favorite D.J.,
Went across the river.
Went and coolly stepped aside.
Went for a walk down the Old King's Road,
Went over my head, yeah (2)
Went to call for her but she is gone right out of sight
Were only my unreality
Were they right or were they wrong (2)
Weren't much of a disguise.
Whaaa -- specifically designed for modern-day living,
What'cha gonna do 'bout it now? (2)
What's she got?
What's the point of cracking up all because of shepherd's pie?
What's the point of living unless you've got money?
What's the use of worrying 'bout the big ol' sun
What's the use of worrying 'cause you'll die alone
What's the use of worrying now you're almost grown
What's the use, (2)
What's the use, the cynics say it's no excuse,
What's wrong in me pretending?
What a bore, where's the door
What a boring occupation can do,
What am I doing acting identikit,
What am I doing in a place like this
What am I doing to you?
What am I, what are we supposed to do?
What are they doing to us? (2)
What are we doing in a place like this
What are we doing in the pouring rain
What are we doing under the nuclear glow
What are we doing, is it all for show
What are we doing? (2)
What are we gonna leave for the young?
What are we living for? (2)
What are you doing to me too?
What can I do? (2) (3) (4)
What can I do? What can I do? What can I do?
What can I lose, it might turn into something better.
What can I say?
What can you prove if you're changing your ways to me?
What did it prove to us?
What did they do for us?
What did you say (2) (3)
What do I do Sir (2) (3) (4)
What do I do Sir, what do I say
What do I say (2) (3) (4) (5)
What do I say, how do I behave, what do I say (2) (3)
What do you think of it so far?
What has become of the green pleasant fields of Jerusalem.
What have you done to summertime?
What I've got?
What I did yesterday.
What made it happen, guess we'll never know (2)
What made it happen, guess we'll never know.
What made it happen, sure makes you think
What more can I do? (2) (3)
What more can I say now? (2)
What more can we do (2)
What more can you do?
What more can you say now?
What separates you from the rest,
What they want you to be (2)
What thoughts linger there. (2) (3)
What was the first thing that I saw?
What we all gonna do? Where we all gonna go?
What we couldn't do, what we wouldn't do,
What would come after, that would be unwise
What would you think of that
What you gonna find?
What you got - phobia
What you need is a change, have a shave, find a chic
Whatever it was, it made my day, hey hey
Whatever the situation whatever the race or creed,
Wheel and deal, beg and steal,
When a muscle man came my way.
When a solution comes (2) (3)
When a solution comes,
When a solution comes.
When all I want to do is to be the opposite?
When all my energy starts letting me down
When ev'rybody's fast asleep, I start to creep.
When he waddles down the street he looks kind of queer,
When I'm dead and gone
when I'm speaking on my party line.
When I'm standing underneath the neon sign. (2)
When I'm underneath the neon sign.
When I am close to you
When I arrived in Euston,
When I come home late at night
When I feel that the world is too much for me
When I first saw her
When I grow I shall fight
When I hold you,
When I kiss you,
When I look so far away (2)
When I see that girl of mine (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)
When I see those ducks on the wall. (2) (3)
When I see you I'm looking through the mirror of love.
When I see you through the mirror of love,
When I think about what we wasted, makes me sad,
When I think of all the Londoners still unsung
When I think of all the things that we did last Summer.
When I think of what I'll be losing,
When I travel far and wide (2)
When I travel on my own (2)
When I turn off the living room light. (2) (3) (4)
When I was a schoolboy I loathed regulations and rules
When I was at school they said that's all you'll ever understand
When I was small I believed in Santa Claus
When I was young
When it's painfully clear that my face don't fit?
When it all gets too bad I think back
When midnight comes along, I take a look inside.
When midnight comes around, I start to lose my mind.
When morality kicks in, who will catch you when you fall
When my sister used to get home late.
When night starts to fall,
When Oswald shot Kennedy, he was insane
When other guys have gone (2)
When Pater passes on.
When reality bites
When she looked my way
When suddenly the penny dropped
When the dawn begins to crack.
When the harbour came in view
When the heat stops you sleeping at night
When the hurricane swept across the coast line
When the night time comes, I start to creep.
When the sex wears off it's all give and take,
When the sun puts out the light,
When the video broke down.
When the world will be controlled by artificial people, (2)
When they ask when you were mine
When they say, "no news today, get back in the queue,"
When towed away the ponces plead to all and sundry
When we both posed and laughed to please the family.
When we kiss show, (2)
When we started out on the road
When we take examinations he never gets a pass,
When we turn off the living room light. (2) (3)
When we walked in the wind and the rain?
When we were all each other had
When we were young and green
When we were young and the world was free.
When work is over he likes to hit the bars, (2)
When you're jiving in the U.K. O.K. U.K.
When you're kissing her good night.
When you're only fit to sweep the streets.
When you're so far away
When you're unprepared,
When you can't buy a gallon of gas
When you can't get a gallon of gas
When you gonna give up?
When you have to work late?
When you meet an old friend and the enemy's near
When you passed me by
When you see our face in the market place we gotta clean cut image to keep
When you see that storm stare us in the face
When you set him on your knee
When you sit him on your knee
When you wake up, all of a fluster
When you were both in your prime
When you were broke you would come to me
When you were just a child
When you were loving me,
When you were poor and knockin' at the door,
When you were small you may have seen a sight
When you were young (2)
When you were young you had a vision
When your reputation counts for nothing at all
Whenever I am close to you (2)
Whenever it's time to get back out on the road
Where'd you get them, goodness knows?
Where are all the angry young men now? (2)
Where are all the people going?
Where are all the Teddy Boys now? (2)
Where designer feelings are in vogue, what do they know?
Where did it go? (2)
Where did my bones go?
Where did my chest go? (2)
Where did my energy go? (2)
Where did my go go? (2)
Where did my hair go? (2)
Where did my heart go?
Where did my hormones go? (2)
Where did my life go?
Where did my liver go?
Where did my muscles go? (2)
Where did my shoulders go? (2)
Where did my skin go?
Where did my teeth go? (2)
Where did my youth go?
Where did the bluebirds fly?
Where did the pleasure go?
Where did the spring go? (2)
Where did the sun go?
Where did the trees go?
Where did you go Mr. D.J.?
Where do I go Sir (2) (3)
Where have all the good times gone? (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
Where have all the Swinging Londoners gone?
Where he entertained all the people that he knew.
Where he likes to spend his weekend days. (2) (3)
Where I'm going no one knows
Where I had been in much happier days,
Where is faith? (2)
Where is hope? (2)
Where is joy and simplicity
Where is joy in simplicity?
Where is love and romance, (2)
Where is love?
Where is sympathy and trust? (2)
Where no Christian man has been,
Where oh where is love?
Where on earth did they all go? (2)
Where only clouds used to be
Where the big bands used to play.
Where the dogs eat the dogs
Where the fruit and veg man used to stand
Where the hound dogs bark
Where the people can't stand any more.
Where the supermarket used to stand.
Where the voodoo man's talking inside of you
Where there's plenty for everyone
Where they feel safe and sound
Where we can be ourselves beneath an artificial glow.
Where words have no meaning,
Where you came from
Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry-cola
Where you gonna go now?
Where, oh where is love?
Wherever she is, I hope she's doing fine,
Which means you and me, my love (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
Which way will I go?
While all of my brothers are sitting at home
While all the mothers stand and wait
While all the parents stand and wait
While anonymous informer flees
While auto workers laid off in Cleveland (2)
While Brenda the alkie looks so mean
While Dave the Rave hit the rock 'n' roll riffs
While discussing foreign trade,
While Flash and his men drink champagne in their den
While his father pulls the maid,
While I'm looking for some peace of mind
While I'm reading the news.
While I'm using my brush.
While I lay my head upon my pillow
While I sit at home
While I spend my whole life through,
While in the heat of the street
While living for today (2)
While Mercs and Porsches double park with sheer impunity.
While murderers and terrorists get compassionate release
While our smiling bland spin doctors slyly lead us down the track
While parliamentary yobbos shout abuse around the house
While people eat their biscuits with tea,
While races try to integrate
While sitting in my solitude
While the city gets the crime
While the critics kept on knocking you,
While the dollar falls down
While the other wants to stay at home,
While the politicians cover up mistakes that they've made
While the rich get their kicks with their affluent antics
While the rich run their rackets he sits in his attic
While the ship was going down
While the waiters stand and stare
While traffic jams and tempers break,
While we were bouncing up and down
While you're drinkin' down your wine
Whistle a tune and think of a catchy, happy, little song
Who'll be the next in line for heartache?
Who'll be the next in line for heartaches? (2)
Who'll be the next in line? (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
Who'll be the next to watch your love fade?
Who'll make the same mistakes I made over you? (2) (3)
Who's a fool? Who's a boob?
Who's a kook and an ass?
Who's hanging from a rope
Who's left behind in the real world
Who's on my party line? (2) (3) (4)
Who's on the island
Who's on the other end? (2)
Who's on this island
Who's pretending just who's fooling who
Who's respectable now, so my silence is golden
Who's that dumb-looking freckle-faced runt?
Who's that fool? Who's that ninny?
Who's that simpleton standing over there?
Who's that twit? Who's that chump?
Who's the fool with the cross-eyed stare,
Who adored my instrumentals
Who are dancing in the street
Who are you and what do you want?
Who believe in misty ways.
Who cares if you're Jewish,
Who did what, when, to whom
Who gave me away without so much as a fight
Who in turn gave half to Larry
Who is always the bottom of the class?
Who is this? (2)
Who is this? Who dares to wake me from my slumber?
Who knew very well he would break your heart before long
Who knew you when you picked your nose and wet your pants
Who loved to wallow all day.
Who needs a car and a seven-forty-seven
Who needs a highway, an airport or a jet
Who needs it? Aggravation, aggravation
Who needs it? Aggravation.
Who needs it? The aggravation the daily goddam hassle.
Who never let us down.
Who thought I would fall a slave to demon alcohol.
Who thought I would fall,
Who thought I would say,
Who was that girl who used to be my flame?
Who were tired of bein' bought and sold.
Who worked his way up from the streets.
Who you gonna run to?
Whoa, they're making massive reductions. (2)
Whoa-oh-oh. (2) (3)
Why'd you go and do a thing like that?
Why ain't my back straight?
Why am I cold now?
Why am I going through this?
Why am I, why are you,
Why anyone is asking me, if I could give a damn
Why are we standing in the acid rain
Why are we? I don't know,
Why are you going through this too?
Why can't it be like never before?
Why can't life be more sublime
Why can't we sit down and work out a compromise, (2)
Why can't we sort it out,
Why can't we sort it out?
Why can't we work it out?
Why did the rainbow turn into shadows?
Why do my feet ache?
Why do you stay, no one knows.
Why does my skin sag?
Why don't you co-operate?
Why don't you join the crowd
Why don't you just drop dead and don't recover
Why don't you kick the habit
Why don't you put in some permanent waves